cheek to cheek

in the moist cavity

of another sacrilege

profane twins close

when daughterlies

glide in the dissonant music of unbounded breaths


I smile when

they search my grainy

body of grinded leaves and

hammered peel when

I’m only shadow

in the light of fluttery


when my womb painfully



on a bench of experts and monosighted lenses


as you listen to me


to the speck of sand

clinging to sliding curves

to the seashell on gills

of ears or

perhaps what would be

I draw


in archaic letters


fine line of flush

that accuses

memory and dream of


under the dizzy fragrance


or the promises of a sunken



in archaic letters


again and again

I hum her body

and blow out her gasp

to better reminisce

what is engraved


in archaic letters


my throat

becomes a world

of colors and planets

leaving absurd traces

of purple eyelids and

devoured characters


Once, I will be thousands of particles dissipated that will tap on car windows and they will call it




Sawt al' Niswa




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